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郑立:Can coproduction change the perceived outcome of rural public services? Evidence from the“New Socialist Countryside”in China

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来源:Chinese Public Administration Review,2022,Vol.13(3)137-149

摘要:The recent research on citizen participation in the provision of public services represented by coproduction has become a hot topic in public management. Coproduction studies propose that citizens can directly or indirectly participate in the process of public services to help improve the quality and legitimacy of public services. Very little, however, has been written in the existing coproduction literature on the outcome of public services provision. Based on the “One-Hundred Villages” Survey in 2020, this article analyzes and evaluates the impact of coproduction on the perceived outcome of public service in rural China. A series of statistical analysis results show that both co-planning and co-delivery have significant and positive impacts on how one views the outcome of rural public service provision. This research provides new evidence in rural China that citizen participation plays a crucial role in the state-led “New Socialist Countryside” campaign.

关键词:China, civic participation, Coproduction, “New Socialist Countryside”, the Public Services Provision